The Strong Towns Podcast

Breaking Free of the Infrastructure Cult

October 1, 2019
In episode two of this weeklong podcast series, Charles Marohn, Jr. is interviewed by Strong Towns board member John Reuter. The two longtime friends go in-depth on Chuck’s book, Strong Towns, which releases today!
Specifically, Chuck and John look at the “infrastructure cult” that has arisen since World War Two. American leaders on both sides of the political aisle look to big infrastructure projects to spur development and create jobs. But they do so while overlooking the longterm cost of these projects, not to mention the backlog of unfunded maintenance on existing projects. Chuck and John explore where this mindset comes from, the enormous toll it is taking on our local communities, and how to finally break free of the alluring but ultimately destructive infrastructure cult.
Also discussed:
  • Why poorer neighborhoods make the best investments
  • How the mutual-validation loops of the modern development pattern resemble the Greek oracles
  • The ways in which we sacrifice stability for the sake of efficiency and growth
  • Why generations of consumption have likely made a generation of "corrective sacrifice" inevitable.
We’re doing something unique this week. We're releasing one episode every day and inviting special guests to commandeer the Strong Towns podcast microphone to talk with Chuck about his first book, Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution to Rebuild American Prosperity. This is episode two of that series.
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